Dr. Molar Magic

Magician, Clown, Circus, Comedy

Clown Doctor


Dr. Molar Magic is the clown character of Dr. Lish created back in 2003 during a dental school outreach program. Already a semiprofessional magician, Dr. Lish combined his passion for magic and personal mission to educate people about the benefits of good oral health in the Dr. Molar Magic Program. In 2005 he founded the Dr. Molar Magic Foundation. A not-for-profit 501 3(c ) educational foundation that uses performance skills to teach people about their oral health, and make them laugh out loud in the process! The Dr. Molar Magic Foundation provides the following programs at schools and health fairs. The Dr. Molar Magic Show, ToothZone games, Clown Dr. Rounds.

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A brief history of Dr. Molar Magic

1986 and 1987 Bruce works as a clown during a carnival to entertain group home residents at Camp Ramah with USY

1989 The love of Magic grows and he joins the prestigious Society of American Magicians Parent Assembly #1 NYC. The love of clowning continues as well and he joins the Clowns of America International

1989 (Spring) Actually fills out the Ringling Brotherís Barnum and Bailey Clown College Application but decides his lifelong goal of becoming a dentist comes first, and puts application away

1990 Begins NYU College of Dentistry and starts development of Dr. Molar Magic Character at school events and publicity events around the dental school

1993 During a pediatric outreach program Dr. Molar Magic is born and he performs while classmates do screenings

1994-1996 Dr. Molar Magic comes to Brookdale University Hospital Medical Center in Brooklyn and does health fair shows and clown rounds during his residency

2005 The Dr. Molar Magic Foundation is created and is awarded a grant from the ADA Foundation

2007 Bruce Graduates from the NEW YORK GOOFS ULTIMATE CLOWN SCHOOL (finally I got to go to clown college!)

2008 The Foundation Clowns perform walk around at the Diabetes Research Institute Carnival for a Cure and the Autism Speaks walkathon

2011 Circus Bicuspid Almost on Broadway debuts at the Producerís Club off Broadway Theater